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One Place With All the Medical Equipment You Seek

If you’re looking for high quality medical equipment at fair prices, then Kareage is the Medical Equipment Supplier for you. We are your source for one-of-a-kind medical products that are catered to suit your facilities' specific needs. From Falls Prevention products to Floorline Beds — you name it, we have it! At Kareage, all of your best interests are kept in mind and we go the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase. Browse through all of our products and contact us today!


Falls Prevention Products


Our Bed Mats are designed to immediately alert staff should a resident leave their bed which is most useful to residents who are at risk of falling out of their bed, or those who require assistance in arising from the bed. The transmitter is an exclusive ID encoded RF Transmitter which communicates with the Wireless Receiver Box (RRU). It allows the bed sensor mat to wirelessly transmit an alarm to the call point. Simply connect the Transmitter to the bed sensor mat, then teach in the Transmitter to RRU by following the instructions printed. The sensor mat will now trigger the call point when activated within the transmitting area. It can be integrated to most nurse call systems.


Falls Prevention Products

Wireless Chair Sensor Mat

Kareage supplies a pressure sensitive wireless chair sensor mat that is designed to immediately alert staff when a resident leaves their chair


Falls Prevention Products

Wireless Cushion Floor Sensor Mat

Kareage supplies a smart Australian Designed foldable premium Wireless Cushioned Floor Sensor Mat for residents who are at risk of falling out of their beds. The cordless Floor Sensor Mat is purposely designed for easier storage and is trip hazard free.


Wireless Devices

Wireless PIR Alarm Motion Sensor

The Wireless PIR Motion Sensor detects movement with its narrow curtain beam. When a resident crosses the beam's path, the staff will be alerted through their nurse call system.


Wireless Devices

Wireless Personal Pendant

The Wireless Personal Pendant enables resident to call for assistance from anywhere in their room or ensuite without the need to move from their rest position.


Wireless Devices

Wireless Wrist Pendant

The Wireless Wrist Pendant is a combination of wrist and neck pendant. Choose whether your resident wears it as a traditional wrist band or as a neck pendant, simply by removing the pendant from the wrist band and attaching the lanyard.


Air Alternating Mattress


The Air-Lo8 Automatic Alternating Mattress Replacement leads the field in affordable prevention of pressure areas and skin breakdowns. 
Its compact, powerful yet almost silent control unit can quickly support patient loads of up to 200KG whilst alternately allowing pressure to be released across the rest of the body.

Alliana Air Chair Active 1a.jpg

Active Comfort Chair

Air Active Comfort Day Chair

Powerful Mattress therapy is now available on a mobile day chair.



CS8 Bed

The Invacare CS8 bed is an electrically actuated care bed with a range of functions and positional movements that assist caregivers and provide for patient comfort. Ease of use, functionality, serviceability and cleaning practicality are key features of the bed.


Patient Lifting Hoists

Sonata 150 Hoist

A lightweight compact mobile patient lifting hoist with innovative and ergonomic design.
Available as an Electric Leg Spread as well as Manual Leg Spread with a safe working load of 150KG.


Patient Lifting Hoist

Alto 200

A medium sized heavy duty mobile patient lifting hoist with a safe working load of 200kg and a compact ergonomic design.


Compact Active Standing Aid

Salsa 200

Designed as an active standing aid allowing a single carer to raise a patient into a comfortable secure standing position.



General Purpose Slings

General Purpose Slings are designed to be simple and safe to use. The slings are manufactured from polyester fabric or mesh (suitable for bathing) with internal padding in pressure areas and utilise webbing attachment loops. The webbing loops are colour coded for sizing to allow easy sling selection and identification.

Webbing loops of varying lengths
are provided at each connection point to allow a lay back posture for the patient or, by using the shortest loops, a higher lift.

General Purpose Slings may only be applied to lifting hoists fitted with a yoke attachment.



General Purpose Sling with Head Support

  • Sling is easily fitted to a patient in bed or a chair, providing excellent upper

    body and head support.

  • Recommended for lifting from the floor and general lifting of the less secure patient.



Care Sling

  • Excellent for transfers onto a toilet as it provides an open area from the middle of the back to the middle of the thigh.

  • Recommended for general toilet transfers.



Care Sling with Head Support

• Sling provides easy removal of clothing

for toilet transfers.
• Recommended for general toilet

transfers for the less secure patient.



Pivot Sling

  • Comfortable, supportive sling with

    easily defined attachment points.

  • Recommended for general lifting especially for the larger patient.

  • Angle adjustment via Pivot Frame



Pivot Care Sling

• Sling provide easy removal of clothing

for toilet transfers.
• Recommended for general toilet

transfers for the less secure patient.



Standing Transfer Sling

  • Sling provides easy removal

    of clothing for toilet transfers.

  • Recommended on standing hoists for weight bearing patients only.

  • Available with Key-Hole and Loop type attachments.



Amputee Sling

  • Sling incorporates a head support

    and commode aperture.

  • Recommended for lifting patients

    with high level amputations.

SLT BAG_edited_edited.jpg

Linen Trolleys

Soiled Linen Skips

A range of Single, Double, Triple and Quad Linen Skips with smooth powder coated as well as stainless steel finishes to choose from. Trolleys with foot operated lids as well as Open Hoop are available. Coloured Lids & Coloured Bags can be purchased separately.

LTL 301M.jpg

Linen Trolleys

Clean Linen Trolleys

A range of clean linen trolleys to choose from. Whether you are after a 2 or 3 shelf linen trolley, Large Mesh Linen trolley, covers to suit these trolley range, Basket Storage Trolleys - with and without rack or linen folding table trolley, we have you covered. Please contact us with your requirement and we will assist you with the pricing.

WDLT 380_edited.jpg

Linen Trolleys

Wet & Dry Mesh Linen Trolley

Small & Large Wet & Dry Mesh Linen trolleys along with Dump Wet and Dry Mesh Trolley all of these with spring loaded base to choose from. Optional Coil Spring Base can be added to these  trolleys.

MLT340 + PH_edited.png

Linen Trolleys

Wet and Dry Tub Trolleys

Durable rotomoulded plastic tub trolleys are available in 340 litre, 450 litre and 650 litre range. An optional push handle can be added to the 340 litre and 450 litre trolleys.

IT 832 Instrument Trolley.jpg

Medical Trolleys

Instrument Trolley

Our range of Instrument Trolleys are ideal for every medical practice. The 2 shelves instrument trolleys come with with rails and you can also select ones with 1, 2 and 3 deep drawers. The 100mm rubber castors makes it easy to manoeuvre the trolley even on carpeted surfaces.

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Medical Trolleys

Dressing Trolleys

Our dressing trolleys have a full stainless steel frame and 100mm rubber castors. Trolleys are available in different sizes such as 2 shelves with rails, with one drawer, 2 drawers, 2 half drawers and 4 drawers. Large Dressing trolley also forms a part of this range.

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Shower Commode Chairs

Quality Guaranteed - Made in Germany

These German made Shower Commode Chairs and Stools feature a next generation, pressure moulded frame that is fully synthetic, making them non-rust and non peel hence saving you thousands of dollars on replacements during your accreditations, while also assuring extra comfort to the users and extreme ease of cleaning and maintenance.

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