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About Us

The Founder

Director, Kunal Shah, has an extensive experience in supplying medical equipment to aged care facilities. Kunal has invested years in researching about the latest available products best suited for elderly Australians and deliver them to their doorstep. Kunal also understands the budget constraints of the aged care sector and tries to find the most economically viable solution to accomodate the requirements of the buyer.

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To be able to cater to equipment requirements of the aged care sector in Australia and help the elderly achieve their mobility and comfort goals

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Delivering optimum quality aged care equipment and accessories to homes in an effective and efficient manner

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We know the importance of time in the sector of medical equipment delivery and services and always strive to be on time


We take pride in providing and maintaining the quality of our products so as to maximise its utility


We understand the ever evolving nature of the equipment market and stay up to date with latest arrivals to be able to provide the most advanced products to our customers

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